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Dr. Binod Nita Kandel Eye Hospital

Dr. Binod Neeta Kandel Eye Hospital (DBNKEH) is situated at Parasi Bazar, headquarter of Nawalparasi district in Lumbini zone. DBNKEH is a charitable eye hospital serving the needy and under privileged community. The hospital was established in memory of Dr. Binod Raj Kandel and Neeta Kandel who lost their lives in a tragic plane crash.

With its humble beginning providing services from a room in a Red Cross building with two health staffs, the instituion went on to become a full-fledged Eye Care Center. The center was established in 1989 AD with the motto of eye care for all.  To cater the growing number of patient, Late Prithivi Raj Kandel and Late Dhan Devi Kandel, (parents of Dr. Binod Kandel) donated the building and equipment in memory of their son and daughter in law. The land for the center was provided by Nepal government. The building was inaugurated by late Queen Aiashwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah in 1990 AD as Dr. Binod Neeta Kandel Primary Eye Care Centre.

The leadership and dedication of Late Dhan Devi Kandel and Late Prithvi Raj Kandel provided the much needed impetus to the sustained development of the center. Their untiring effort ensured that the center was very well managed and had sufficient resources for the smooth functioning of the center. In the year 2007, 18 years after its establishment it was upgraded to the secondary eye hospital. Currently it also runs two eye care center at Triveni bazaar and Vujaha bazaar itself. These three centers are most sought after eye care centers in the area.

The hospital is located in the central-southern part of Nepal near Indo-Nepal Border, in Nawalparasi district. At present, the hospital has a capacity of 18 rooms with three buildings. The first building is constructed over the area of 800 sq.ft. and has 10 rooms. The second two-storied building consists of 6 rooms covering the area of 625 sq.ft. and the third being constructed over the area of 2100 sq.ft. comprises 2 rooms and a hall with 25 beds.

DBNKEH is serving every patient by providing eye care services with cataract and minor surgery being done regularly. Altogether there are 30 staff members involved in the hospital. In addition to the hospital-based surgical and treatment services, inclusive eye camps are being hosted to provide extensive community outreach for those who cannot stop by the hospital. Several community outreach activities including awareness programs in various community and schools of rural areas of Nawalparasi and adjoining districts are also being held.

DBNKEH was established to support national eye care by reducing sufferings from avoidable blindness in the country. The hospital is accessible to a population of around Six Hundred Thousand people.

The hospital aims to provide high quality, sustainable, comprehensive and affordable eye care service by identifying and mobilizing local, national and international resources. It also aims to attain a multi-sectoral partnership and provide eye care services to all segments of people without any discrimination by maintaining equity, efficiency, and excellence.

The mission, vision, and objectives of the hospital :

To eliminate preventive blindness, provide high-quality and affordable eye care services to all sections of society by a dedicated team of highly competent, skilled and committed professionals, maintaining the highest level of safety and ethical approach in a patient-centric environment.


To develop the hospital as the center of excellence in eye care services through continuous enhancement of technology and incorporation of the country’s best eye care professionals under a single roof.

  1. To cure blindness and visual impairment and to serve visually impaired people with standard eye care services.
  2. To serve the community in controlling blindness through preventive, curative and promoting measures by providing various eye care services.

The first  President of NNJS  Parasi was Late Narayanman Saiju &  first Medical director of the hospital was Dr. Sanyam Bajimaya. The hospital is governed by the Hospital Management Committee currently chaired by Mrs. Manju Kandel.

Initially when the hospital was Eye care center at that time it  was run by one OA, 1 Helper only but now the human resource of the hospital comprises of 30 staffs in total including Hospital Manager, Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmic Officer (OO), Ophthalmic Assistant (OA),and Lab Technician, Eye workers, Nurses, Management staffs and other staffs.

Partners of the Hospital:

From beginning the hospital is working in cooperation with various NGOs, INGOs, and hospitals. Some of the    partner organizations of the hospital are Lumbini Eye Institute- Bhairahawa, Government of Nepal, Seva Foundation, Seva Canada, Indo Nepal Friendship Program & Lions Club.

Service Provided by Hospital:
  • OPD Service-  Outdoor Patient Examination
  • Surgical Services –  Cataract Surgery, Pterygium Surgery
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Optical Dispensing
  • Pharmacy
  • Outreach activities- Diagnosis and Screening camp, School Screening Camp
  • Training and Awareness Activities- Health Education to the Community
  • General Lab services
Dr.Binod Nita Kandel Eye Hospital
Ramgram-3, Nawalparasi