Combating Against Avoidable Blindness....

Lumbini Eye Institute & Research Center

Combating Against Avoidable Blindness

Lumbini Eye Institute & Research Center

Combating Against Avoidable Blindness

Lumbini Eye Institute & Research Center

Combating Against Avoidable Blindness



Published articles of Lumbini Eye Institute


Cataract surgery and progression of Diabetic Retinopathy

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Infectious Keratitis in Contact Lens Wearers

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Bull's Eye Maculopathy Following Long-Term Chloroquine Phosphate Therapy

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Prevalence of Lattice Degeneration in Axial Myopia

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Severe Post Thermal Burn Cicatricial Ectropion with corneal Ulcertation: An Illustrative case

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A profile of low vision among the blind school students in Lumbini Zone of Nepal

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Scenario of Health Camps in Nepal

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The distribution of refractive errors among children attending Lumbini Eye Institute, Nepal

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Epidemiological as well as Microbiological Profile of suppurative Keratitis and It's Outcome: Aprospective Hospital Based Study from Eastern Nepal

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2014 (8) :

1.  Telemedicine for corneal disease in rural Nepal

Crandall E Peeler, Kavita Dhakhwa, Shahzad I Mina Taylor Blachley, Sushila Patel, David C Musch and Maria A woodware – J Telemed Telecare online first, published on June 6, 2014 as doi:1177/1357633x14537769

2.  Clinical and cost impact of a pediatric cataract follow-up program in western Nepal and adjacent northern Indian States.

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3.  Surgical outcome of pediatric dacryocystorhinostomy in Nepal.

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4.  Clinical Profile of Patients Presenting to Low Vision Clinic of a Tertiary Center in Western Region of Nepal

HB Thapa, P Gautam, NB Mahotra, K Bajracharya, Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences (2014) Vol.2(2): 35-39

5.  Clinoco-epidemiological characteristics of central retinal vein occlusion in a tertiary level eye care center of Nepal

Nirsara Shrestha, Raghunandan Byanju, Binita Bhattarai, Kabindra Bajracharya, Ruchi Shrestha , Nepal J ophthalmol 2014; 6(11):39-45

6.  Result of conjunctival Autograft in Pterygiam Surgery In Lumbini Eye Institute, Nepal

Dhakhwa K, Patel S, Sharma MK, Rai SKC, Bhari AM,  Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences (2014) vol.2 No.01 Issue 05

7.  Comparison of Phacotrabeculectomy and phacotrabeculetomy with Subconjunctival 5-Fluorouracil

Nanda Kumari Gurung, Prachand Gautam, Shanti Gurung, Binita Bhattarai, J Nepal Med Assoc 2014;52(196):1010.13

8.   Idiopathic Juxtafoveolar Telangiectasis Type 1A  (case report)

Pandey A, Anand A, Singh s, Chandra A, Journal of Univarsal College of Medical Sciences (2014) vol.02 No.03 Issue 07

2015 (8) :

1.  Pattern of Refractive Error in Primary School Children in Rupandehi District, Nepal

Salma K.C. Rai, Hari Bahadur Thapa, Nanda Gurung, Arjun Malla Bhari, Manoj K Sharma , Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences Vol. 3, No. 1, 2015: 31-36


2.  Clinical Profile of Pediatric Ocular Morbidity in a Tertiary Eye Care Centre in Western Region of Nepal

KC Rai Salma*, Thapa Hari, Bhari Arjun Malla, Bajracharya Kabindra

Nepal, Ann Pediatr Child Health 3(5): 1070 (2015


3.  Profile of Open Globe Injury in Children at Lumbini Eye Institute

Binita Bhattarai, Santosh Pokhrel, Bel Thapa, Prachand Gautam, Nanda Gurung, Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences Vol. 3, No. 1, 2015: 37-40


4.  Characteristic analysis of Spectral domain OCT Pattern of Macular Edema in ranch Retinal Vein Occlusion Nepalese patients.

Lamichhane G, Byanju RN, Thapa B, KC Rai S , International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences, volume1 – Issue:1st July 2015


5.  Effect of ND: YAG Laser Hyaloidotomy for Premacular Subhyaloid Haemorrhage (case report)

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7.  Epidemiology and causes of Optic Atrophy in General Outpatient Department of Lumbini Eye Institute

Kabindra Bajracharya, Prachand Gautam, Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Nirsara Shrestha Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences (2015) vol.03 No.02 Issue 10

8.  Efficacy of Intravitreal Triamcinolone Acetonide for Diabetic Macular Edema

Prachand Gautam, Koshal Shrestha, Gyanendra Lamichhane, Sushila Patel,  Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences (2015) Vol.03No.02 Issue 10


9.  Penetrating eye injuries in pediatric population: An epidemiological study and visual outcome

Kabindra Bajracharya, Salma KC Rai, Arjun Malla Bhari, Davide Borroni , Asian Journal of Medical Sciences Vol.7(4) 2016 84-87,  July 2016




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